Affordable Stucco Crack Repair and Sealing LLC
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We repair all stucco cracks large or small. We remove damage stucco panels and then reinstall them. We also remove whole homes with soft stucco and replace it with a hard stucco.  

Sealing your stucco home here in the Low Country is very important to the health of your home. All of our homes are not on bedrock they are on a marshy or sandy ground that shifts and softens from time to time. This makes cracks in your stucco that water gets into, by sealing your home you are stopping the water from getting in behind the stucco walls. 

We cover all windows and doors if it is needed then we seal every crack that your home inspector has found and those that we find. The sealer we use carries a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty. The sealer has a clear tint to it so it doesn't show up on the walls after the process has been completed and will not yellow. The sealer is made for Stucco; We apply one coat clear sealer with a sprayer until it is dripping down the walls for 
maximum seal. 

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 Mike at 
(843) 321-8882 or (843) 771-7521 

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